Friday, October 31, 2014

Stage Set design in a Flash!

This past weekend, on the day before of the Hispanic Festival, the committee in charge realized that last year's stage-set not only wasn't available, but it didn't exist anymore! After some panicking moments, they asked me for some help.


  I created this emergency giant drawing with spray paint and lots of craft paper.

 A team stayed with me for 5-6 hrs. After the first 2 hrs. the fumes were really bad! With some help and a lot of up and downs from the ladders, we finished; it was past midnight.

 At the end we cleaned up all the green dust from the stage floor, and with a good shower all the green hair came back to normal. It was really fun!! 

The green area was created on purpose, I didn't want to have a busy background since it would distract too much. This way, the dances have a nice green on the back and the dome of the "Spanish-style church" appears through the vegetation. It is like having a dance party on the outer of one city by the high mountains range.

Monday, May 26, 2014

New Website!!

My new website is finally finished! Please, feel free to give me a feedback, or request. I would be glad to contact you.